Meet  Our Team

Alaina Balfour


I am far from perfect believe me, but I can say I’ve been there and done most of the things you’re going through. Read More

Sonovia Burrows


The road to get where I am was not straight and smooth, but one of the bumpiest and curviest there is. Read More

Dayna Curry


 I am beyond ecstatic to be a part of this movement that is geared towards enriching and empowering young ladies. Read More

Anneisha Jones

Little Lady of All Things Pretty

So ladies, anything pretty you see that is related to Little Ladies Network more than likely I did (flips hair). As Little Lady of All Things Pretty I am the one who helps the network to reach the masses.  Read More

Deshawn Rolle

Little Lady of the Purse

Although I’m not writing about enrichment or self worth or behind the scenes creating ‘all things pretty’ I ensure The Lady Ladies Network is financially fit to do so. Read More