Hola Little Ladies,

For as long as I could remember, I've always had personal issues. I had never been able to truly love every inch of myself and see my inner worth. Sadly, that's the story for alot of young women. But I can now say that I have grown so much as a person and can stand in the mirror and say I wholeheartedly love

S O N O V I A.

The road to get where I am was no way straight and smooth but one of the bumpiest and curviest there is. Don't get me wrong the road has not come to an end but I've decided to take some passengers with me along the way.

This is where you ladies and The Little Ladies Network comes into my story. Besides, you always enjoy road trips more when you have company.

After being able to fully appreciate of all my qualities whether 'good' or 'bad' I took a turn on my road for the better and made a detour to this sadly begotten place called "Self-worth". Ladies, you wouldn't imagine how amazing this place is. Here, I have no worries about what others think of me, I never second guess my appearance and I never have to reconsider nor reevaluate what I deserve. But the best thing about this place is that all are invited to come and stay. The Little Ladies Network is simply an avenue by which you can enter but by no means does it hold the key to it.

Did I mention I had some serious personal issues? When I was in my teenage stage of life, I never was the "boys dem sugar", "the most popular girl in school" nor "the prettiest young thang out there". I was just the chunky girl with thick glasses and the short hair. I would always look to the outside for acclamation and approval. I would long for someone to call me pretty or compliment me on something I did. But one day it hit me ( well it wasn't one day it was Summer 2010) that I would NEVER be liked by everyone and would NEVER please all that met me. So, why was I trying so hard to? God made me perfect in my own way so why did anything else matter. You see, ladies I was living my life for others and in that I lost every ounce of self-worth I ever had. Its easy on this road to take the wrong turn into the 'alley of self-pity' or the crossroad of 'low self-esteem'. But don't you dare stay there. It is my passion to help you get back on the straight and narrow. It would hurt my heart to see you anywhere but on this ride to the ultimate destination where know your self-worth. Won't hop on and join me in the journey to embracing our crowns?

Embracing Her Crown,

Little Lady Sonovia