Colors, patterns, shapes, glitter, sparkles and so much more...Hey there, Little Ladies, I'm Anneisha and I happily hold the title of "Little Lady of All Things Pretty". I guess my title is a tell all and you can figure out why I'm called that. I truly have a passion for 'all things pretty'. I would say all my life but I'm only 21 so I'll say most of my life I have been interested in anything aesthetically appealing. This caused me to go after my dreams such as learning to sew (yass I can whip up a slayfit real quick) and media journalism.

So ladies, anything 'pretty' you see that is related to Little Ladies Network more than likely I did ( flips hair). As Little Lady of All Things Pretty I am the one who helps the network to reach the masses. I'm responsible for all the aesthetic features of the network. I'm responsible for the upkeep of all social media accounts for the network and also promotion of events, posts, videos, etc..Because I have a knack pretty things I will also aid in the designing of any Little Ladies Network's promotional products. There you have it ladies, a little about me and my role in this beautiful network. I may not be writing on relationships or even self-worth but I still hope you join my on the journey to embracing our crowns. As we embrace, enrich and empower each other.