Hey Ladies,

I am Deshawn Rolle, the Little Lady of The Purse! That’s right I take care of business and make sure things are running smoothly financially so we can assist you. My role is just as important to the team as everyone else.

Although I’m not writing about enrichment or self worth or behind the scenes creating ‘all things pretty’ I ensure The Lady Ladies Network is financially fit to do so.  As the role depicts, I am officially in charge of running the ‘purse’ of the network. Controlling over all aspects of financial management, while working closely with the rest of the Little ladies. My role essentially is responsibility for a general financial oversight of Little Ladies Network, managing the funding, fundraising and sales, financial planning and budgeting, banking, book keeping and record keeping.

I am R E A D Y to Embrace, Enrich and Empower you PRETTIES in the best way I can. I am beyond excited that you chose to take this journey to embrace your crown.

~Remember to never leave the house without your invisible crown because your value is priceless and your potential is limitless!

Your Little Lady of the Purse,